Peace in Manipur and Northeast is top priority of Modi government: Amit Shah

Imphal: Union Home minister Amit Shah repeated to restore peace in Manipur, which has been in turmoil since May last year, during his 14th Lok Sabha Elections campaign in Imphal on Monday.

The minister made the same assurance to bring peace in Manipur last year during his four days visit to Manipur.

He was adressing at a short public rally at Hapta Kangjeibung.

It is the Moirang in Manipur where Neta Ji Subhas Chandra Basu hoisted the Tricolor flag and proclaimed Bharat’s independence. The 2024 polls are the elections to make Modi the Prime Minister for the third time. Every vote cast in favour of the BJP candidates will go to Narendra Modi Ji who is the friend of the Northeast and friend of Manipur, Amit Shah said.

He said this election is not between the Congress and the BJP, but between the forces that want to break Manipur and unite Manipur. Wherever the congress party goes they talk about division. They were the ones that divided the nation.

In the last 10 years, Modi has not only secured the nation but also enriched the nation. He lifted more than 25 crore people from poverty. He gave 80 crore people 5 kg of free food grains every month, built 12 crore toilets and 4 crore homes, gave 10 crore gas cylinders and piped water supply to 14 crore, said Shah.

Modi says that the fate of the nation will change when the fates of Manipur and the Northeast change. The Nation will develop when Manipur develops. Modi has got more than 10 peace accords signed to end terrorism. More than 9,000 insurgents have surrendered arms. The government have also reduced the area of AFSPA. Modi has come to the Northeast 70 times and he made 700 tours of the Northeast, said the minister.

Congress never honored Manipur. They kept Manipur under the siege of blockade for thousands of days. Manipur was shut down for three years and hundreds of youths were killed in fake encounters. All of these were done by the Ibobi Singh government, Shah asserted.

Recalling the previous incidents Shah said in the Naga Kuki violence, 750 were killed, 100 were killed in the Meitei-Pangal violence and 325 were killed in Kuki Paite violence. He alleged that Congress made Manipur a state of Nakabandi.

“In this small state, there is a conspiracy going on to change the demography through infiltration. However, the Modi government has decided to secure Manipur by constructing borders along Myanmar. We have also ended the Free Movement Regime that was used to traffick narcotics,” said Shah.

He claimed that the Congress has always given importance to the ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang. The Professor who is contesting on their behalf is also a member of the same gang. They will not let Manipur stay united. He said Manipur chief minister raised the demand for an inner line permit in Manipur and Modi fulfilled it and strengthened it.

“I want to ask Ibobi Singh. There was a Congress government in Manipur for ten years what did it give to Manipur except loot, extortion, blockade and shutdown? In ten years the Congress gave only Rs 39,000 crores. But Modi Ji increased it to Rs 1.20 lakh crore. Along with that Rs1,300 crore for the 43-kilometre-long Imphal Moreh line, Rs 2,000 crore for the national highway, and Rs.10,000 crore railway line.”

“As a result for the first time goods train reached Manipur. For the Imphal Airport Rs132 crore has been spent, Imphal Cancer Hospital, Churachandpur Medical College and many development works have been done. Modi ji has announced that 3 crore homes will be built. I want to give a Modi guarantee to the people of Manipur that in the next five years no poor will be left without a house. This house will have a toilet, gas, and electricity. Along with that piped gas and water will be supplied and most importantly we will not let anyone divide Manipur no matter how hard anyone tries. The Modi government is omitted to establishing peace in Manipur through talks with both sections and without dividing Manipur.”

People in thousands participated the rally.

Some claimed on social media that they were given Rs 500 each and some Rs 200. Some of them claimed that they would vote for Congress even though they were bound to have their presence at the rally.

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