Correct wrong attribution of Manipur’s Mukna Kangjei in SCERT book: RRS minister Ranjan to SCERT

Imphal: Minister of state (RRS), Rajkumar Ranjan Singh has instructed the SCERT, Delhi authority to make corrections on wrong attribution of Manipur’s indigenous game ‘Mukna Kangjei’ to Mizoram in SCERT textbook.

It has been brought to my notice through media reports that Manipur’s indigenous game ‘Mukna Kangjei’ has been wrongly attributed to Mizoram in the Textbook titled ‘Learnings through Traditional Games’ published by the SCERT, Delhi for the academic year 2023-24, the official letter of the minister written on Monday said.

“This being a serious issue, the matter may be got enquired into to ascertain and furnishing the factual position at the earliest. If the mistakes pointed out in the Media Reports are found to be correct, the concerned authorities may be directed to carry out the required corrections in the Textbook at the earliest.”

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