Shameful of government prioritising election: Keithel committee

Imphal: Centre and state government should be ashamed of for taking alternative arrangement for internally displaced people to cast vote in the coming Lok Sabha election instead of taking necessary steps for them to return to their own homes.

This was said by convenor Khwairamband Ima Keithel Joint Coordinating committee, Laishram Ongbi Memma on Sunday.

Memma told told reporters at Khwairamband Ima Market that the women vendors of Khwairamband Ima Market welcome the government for initiating an alternative arrangement to cast vote for IDPs. However, the government should be ashamed of for not able to take necessary steps for returning the IDPs at their respective homes.

For the last over 10 months of the ongoing crisis both the governments have not been able to make an arrangement for returning the IDPs at their homes but they have alternative arrangement to cast vote. The women vendors are not against the upcoming Lok Sabha election but the government should prioritise on peace instead of election so that each and every citizen can peacefully enjoy their voting rights, she added.

In connection with the missing of two students the government has arrested some culprits however till date no traces of the bodies were found. The government should arrest the foreign militants who are involved in the present crisis, she said.

Co-convenor of the committee, Yumnam Ibeyaima said how long IDPs will be suffering at relief camps and pre-fabricated houses by selling some candles, washing powders, dishwash and others. It is not the right time to conduct election.

The government should prioritise on bringing peace so that election can be conducted peacefully, she said.

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