Manipur government to enforce “No work, No pay”

Imphal: Department of Personnel Reforms and Administrative Reforms, Manipur has issued official memorandum to commissioners and department heads to apply No Work No Pay principle to any official who failed to report or attend their respective offices.

Officials under the state government who are unable to attend office at their usual place of posting on account of the prevailing law and order situation in the state had been attached with deputy commissioners, line departments, field level offices to enable them to function therefrom, or for discharging such responsibilities as may be assigned to them, by the deputy commissioners concerned, or such authorities duly authorized in this regard, said an office memorandum.

It has been reported that many of such officials so attached, are not attending the offices to which they have been attached, or not reporting for duty. Such acts constitute conduct unbecoming of a government servant and amounts to dereliction of duty as per CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964. The same is viewed seriously by the state government. In this regard, attention of all administrative secretaries, deputy commissioners and heads of departments is invited to relevant provisions of the rules, regarding unauthorised absence of government servants.

FR 17 (1) provision stipulates that an officer who is absent from duty without any authority shall not be entitled to any pay and allowances during the period of such absence.

FR-17-A provision inter alia provides that where an individual employee remains absent unauthorizedly or deserts the post, the period of such absence shall be deemed to cause a break in service of the employee, unless otherwise decided by the competent authority for the purpose of leave travel concession and eligibility for appearing in departmental examinations, for which a minimum period of service is required.

With a view to address the scenario and further to improve discipline amongst employees, it has been decided that all administrative secretaries will share the list of officials who have been attached to various districts on account of the current law and order situation, with the deputy commissioner or such head of department or heads of offices concerned. The list shall also be shared with the joint secretary, department of Personnel, said the memorandum.

These deputy commissioners, HoDs and HoOs will maintain register to record the attendance of the said attached officials. These attendance records, along with such reports regarding improper conduct, if any, will be shared with the DDOs responsible for disbursing salary of the said officials, and the administrative secretary of the department under whom the official is employed, it added.

“The principle of ‘No work, No pay’ shall be applied to any official who has not reported to the authority to whom they have been attached, or who are not attending such offices, without a valid and accepted reason.”

All administrative secretaries will also ensure communication to various officials attached with deputy commissioners, field offices, etc. regarding their attachment, if not already done so, and issue instructions for regular office attendance, and provisions of law, in case of non-compliance, it said.

The principle of No Work, No Pay shall also invariably apply to all government employees under the state government. All deputy commissioners shall take steps in this regard to enforce the same in all offices in their respective districts.

Chief secretary Dr Vineet Joshi advised all administrative secretaries, deputy commissioners and head of department to submit a report on action taken in this regard by March 13.

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