MP Leishemba to check abnormal population growth in Manipur

Imphal: Rajya Sabha MP of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba demanded in the Parliament to check population growth rate in Manipur during the budget session on Friday.

Leishemba placed the demand on the Rajya Sabha Parliamentary floor by taking the advantage of zero hour of the ongoing budget session.

He informed the House that population growth rate in some hill districts of Manipur is abnormally high as compared with that of other states of India.

“It is highly needed to check for socio-economic planning and demographic balance of the state. Huge migrations in the hill districts matters ”, said Leishemba.

Leishemba informed the upper House that due to porous border fencing, access to free movement regime (FMR), negligence of security forces to guard border; uncertainty or turmoil in the neighbouring country; manipulation of census figure to get political mileage and immigrations from neighbouring countries for various reasons and others, have led to abnormal population growth.

He  informed the House that there were many ethnic clashes in different parts of the north eastern region due to various reasons and the same has been witnessing in Manipur for the last 9 months.

The central government has taken up series of measures to curb the situations which are scrapping of FMR, impenetrable border fencing of 1,643 km are to be constructed soon. Setting up of population commission and bio-metric test had already undergone to alienate the foreigners, he added.

To check the abnormal population growth rate,  Leishemba placed to implement full-fledged NRC in Manipur with base year either 1951 or 1961 at the earliest to safeguard the country.

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