Khoupum people long for peace

Imphal: Khoupum area people’s bodies demonstrated a rally on Tuesday demanding to restore peace in Khoupum area and to halt bloodshed among armed groups.

The rally was organised by Rongmei Luphuam Khoupum, Khoupum Area Village Authority Council (KAVAC) and Zeliangrong Students Union Khoupum Area (ZSUKA).

The rally was organised to achieve a peaceful environment in Khoupum area, particularly in Zeliangrong Region and Nagalim.

‘It was organised to cease bloodshed among arm groups. Youth of our tribe and future of our nation have perished.Mothers wailing with never-ending teardrops,” said a demonstrator.

She appealed to stop bloodshed among each other. “Unity is our motto. Love and forgiveness and children will retain again in our society.”

The rally started at Gaidimjang-1, marched through Khoupum Dam towards Taosiamjang and Duithanjang Road and ended at Thanagong Playground.

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