Abrogate SoO agreement with Kuki militant groups: People

Imphal: Demonstartors in thousands took to the streets of Imphal East on Thursday demanding abrogation of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement signed between the central and state governments and 24 Kuki militant groups.

People have been taking up demonstration rallies for the same, in different parts of the state.

The Thursday rally was organised by the Village Protection Force, Eramdam Kanba Lup, and the United Committee of Pukhao and Makeng Dolaithabi GP.

Around 3,000 people took part in the rally that set off from Sambei playground. It made its way towards Imphal city but was met with resistance from security personnel.

Representatives from the organising bodies were permitted to submit a memorandum to the governor at Raj Bhawan.

The memorandum says abrogation of the SoO agreement is the only solution to the ongoing crisis in Manipur, citing concerns over the involvement of SoO groups in escalating violence and ties to drug trafficking.

It also alleges that the SoO groups joined hands with the narco-terrorists who are infiltrating the border and carried out systematic attacks and mass plantation and cultivation of poppy by clearing the reserve forest with the hidden agenda to establish a second ‘Golden Triangle’ in the Northeast under their control after getting the so-called ‘Zalengam’ or separate state or separate administration.

The abnormal change in demography is due to the influx of Chin Kuki Zo immigrants from Myanmar who are skilled labour for poppy plantations. This leads to a massive increase in unauthorised and illegal Kuki villages in Churchandpur and other Kuki-dominated areas. There is evidence of the involvement of foreign Chin Kuki Zo militant groups in helping the SoO cadres in the present crisis in Manipur. This threatens the internal security of India, the memorandum mentions.

The memorandum highlights the plight of the people of Manipur subjected to harassment, extortion, and abduction by SoO cadres, resulting in highway blockades and interference in government affairs.

Talking to reporters after submitting the memorandum to the governor, Tonjam Somorjit, the spokesperson of the representatives conveyed that the governor has assured them of forwarding the memorandum to the Union Home minister for further consideration.

The memorandum was also forwarded to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and MLA (Khundrakpam AC) Th. Lokeshwar.

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