Toxic fuel flows in Imphal river

Imphal: Toxic lubricants like fuel were seen flowing in rivers in Imphal which meets Imphal River as videos of the situation went viral on Wednesday evening.

People were worried over the issue arised amid the present Meitei-Kuki conflict.

Leakage of “heavy fuel” from Leimakhong Power station has been reported, leading to spillover of the discharge along streams passing through Kantosabal, Sekmai etc. The stream meets the Imphal River downstream by flowing through Khurkhul-Loitang-Kameng-Iroisemba-Nambul, said N. Geoffrey, secretary to chief minister in an office memorandum on Wednesday.

“All concerned are requested to take immediate necessary action to prevent an environmental calamity, making use of all available resources in terms of machinery, manpower and expertise. Response mechanism/SoP for such events may be immediately activated.”

Deputy commissioner, Imphal West, shall coordinate in the field until further instructions, the secretary said.

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