Emoinu Iratpa festival celebrated in lowkey

Imphal: Concerning the prevailing situation of the unrest in Manipur, Emoinu Iratpa festival of Meitei observed in low key however, people were seen thronging in various markets in Imphal city.

Emoinu is the goddess of wealth, prosperity and Emoinu Iratpa is a festival of light which celebrated annually on the twelfth of Wakching month of Meitei lunar calendar.

With the prevailing crisis in Manipur that was erupted since May 3, Manipur has been in tense and sporadic firing are taking place at various areas of vulnerable peripheral areas despite the central government has deployed over 80,000 central forces in addition to over 30,000 state forces including Manipur Rifles and Indian Reserved Battalion.

As a part of the festival people across the state used to celebrate with lights and by offering fruits, rations and other eatable items. During the night times people used to decorate their homes with lights including on streets.
However, with the prevailing situation of Manipur the festival is observed for ritual only in the state.

The festival is mostly celebrated by Meitei who follow Sanamahism but many of the Meitei including who follow Hinduism also offered rations, fish, fruits and vegetables at their respective kitchen hearth.

The state government organised Emoinu Fish festival on Monday as a part of the Emoinu Iratpa festival however, the festival was cancelled after women folks demonstrated a protest at the scheduled place of Emoinu Fish Festival, Hapta Kangjeibung, Palace Compound, Imphal.

The women folks demonstrated the protest as Manipur has been remaining unrest for the last over 8 months.
Earlier many of the festival were not observed due to the unrest of Manipur including Ningol Chakouba which is one of the most grand festival of the state.

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