Drivers risk their lives on highways, let’s respect the Heroes

Imphal: Drivers fraternity paid homage to the drivers, who lost their life during their service on roads, on Sunday observing the 35th Drivers’ Day at Manipur Press Club, here.

Family members and members of the drivers’ and truck owners’ bodies offered floral tribute to the portraits of the departed drivers.

Drivers have been one of the profession that is most essential in the society and the most discriminated by the society at any occasion, said president of Highway Truck Owners Welfare Organisation, Laishram Chandrakumar.

The drivers’ day was jointly organised by Manipur Dirvers’ Association (MDA); Senapati District Truck Driver’s Union; Senapati District Truck Owner Association; Manipur Gorkha Motorworkers’ Welfare Union and Highway Truck Owners Welfare Organisation (HITOWO).

In the state like Manipur,  where maximum roads are in hilly terrain, it is not an easy task to be in the profession of driver. The drivers are serving for the society facing the risky situation everyday however, the society discriminate the profession, Chandrakumar said.

Drivers of national highways are frequently harassed and treated as scapegoat for any extortion demand by any group. In order to meet the demands of any organisation, drivers serving along the national highways are threatened, kidnapped, burnt their vehicles and even many lives of drivers have lost on various issues, said Chandrakumar.

Drivers prioritise the safety of the passengers. However, during any road mishap drivers are victimized by the society frequently. Amid any issue, drivers provide their service day and night without considering any risk but to provide welfare and essential commodities, he added.

He appealed the society not to discriminate the profession and should consider the profession as one of the most essential profession in the society.

President of Manipur Drivers Association, Saikhom Babudhon Meitei; president of All Manipur Gorkha Truck Drivers and Owners Association, Anil Khawash; advisor of Manipur Drivers’ Association, Samom Ganga Meitei; president of Senapati District Truck Drivers Union, Boshi and advisor of Senapati District Truck Owners Association, Pichu Mao attended the observation as dais members.

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