AMUCO raises voice over Manipur crisis

Imphal: All Manipur United Club’s Organisation (AMUCO) has demanded the replacement of the chairman of unified command of Manipur Kuldiep Singh by a competent state authority ‘as he fails to maintain law and order in Manipur’.

AMUCO president, Ph. Nando Luwang talking to reporters here said, “After the May 3 incident, the central government appointed Kuldiep Singh as security advisor of chief minister N. Biren Singh. After some days he was again appointed as chairman of the unified command of law and order of Manipur. However, till date the violence is still occurring and the number of deaths keeps increasing. Kuldiep has failed to maintain the crisis in Manipur and he should be removed from his post or he himself should resign from the post under moral grounds.”

“If the present unrest in Manipur is between Meitei and Kuki communities, why the Kuki militants are attacking the state forces.” State forces constitute different communities. Why the state forces are being attacked by Kuki militants?” Nando questioned.

“To reduce the violence in peripheral areas of Manipur, the central government set up buffer zone where no communities from both Kuki and Meitei are allowed to cross. However, when the Kuki militants pass the buffer zone with arms the central forces ignored them. Meitei are blocked from even getting close to the buffer zone,” he added.

“The state forces should not drop their moral, instead, they should fight back to protect the territorial boundary of Manipur. At this juncture, state forces need not wait for order to retaliate if they are attacked. No state forces waited for retaliation during the previous government,” said Nando.

“Security advisor, Kuldiep said there is no evidence of the involvement of foreign militants in the present crisis. If the statement of Kuldiep is right, how the Kuki militants are using thousands of bombs and sophisticated ammunitions toward state forces for the last over 8 months,” he added.

“There are reports of treatment of Myanmar nationalists at Churachandpur district hospital. Even the senior officer of Assam Rifles have met CSO leaders in Moreh to maintain peace but the Kuki militants are intensifying their attack towards state forces,” said the AMUCO president.

“All the SoO ground rules have already been violated by the Kuki militants. The central government must abrogate the SoO with Kuki militants immediately and take necessary action,” he added.

“Kuldiep should resign as chairman of unified command on moral grounds,” AMUCO demanded.

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