We cannot allow our state to remain in this ugly phase: Manipur CM

Imphal: Manipur chief minister lamenting on the present turmoil in the state said, the state cannot be allowed to remain in ugly phase.

The chief minister said this in his message on Christmas, on Sunday.

For over seven months now, Manipur has been going through possibly one of the worst phases in its history, Biren said.

An unprecedented ethnic conflict has taken many precious lives while leaving hundreds homeless, and thousands seeking shelter in relief camps and homes of relatives, friends and care givers. It has affected men, women and children of all ages, bringing to life each cold night the fear and trauma they have passed through, to escape death, to survive. Communities are divided, hurling abuses and hatred at each other, mostly based on blurred perceptions and imaginations, he added.

“Yet, this is not the Manipur we are used to. Our state and our people were never like this. We cannot allow our state to remain in this ugly phase, lest the goodness in each one of us is lost forever,” the chief minister said.

“We must rise in unison and take back our ailing state to its former self of peace and giving and sharing. We must ask unto ourselves, search our conscience and be willing to shed this burdensome hatred plaguing our lives. We must reach out to our friends on the other side, for they themselves are willing to reach out to us. We must open our ears and listen to the cries on the other side and then, we will realise that, much has been lost and wasted in a momentary lapse of reason. We must seek and allow the humanity in each one of us to rise above all evil thoughts. We must rise together to overcome fear of hatemongers and work steadfast to recreate space for our younger generations, one defined by love, peace and forgiveness.”

“Only when we are able to overcome the dark shadows within us, will Christmas be meaningful for those who believe in Christ and His teachings and for those of us who still partake in the celebrations of Christmas, despite belonging to other faiths.”

“On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, I wish the people of Manipur a Merry Christmas,” Biren greeted.

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