VVF declares to defend Manipur against Chin-Kuki-Mizo aggression

Imphal: Village Volunteers’ Force, Manipur which has been actively participating in defending the Meitei dominated areas from Kuki aggression has declared that it will support the central and state forces in fighting against the Chin-Kuki-Mizo militants to save Manipur and India.

Manipur has been in chaos since May 3, the day Kuki launched attack to Meitei dominated areas.

The declaration was made by VVF, Central Committee, General Secretary Athokpam Chinglemba in a public function held on Thursday at Kumam Mandop, Moirangthem Leikai in Bishnupur district.

Chinglemba said that an official statement of NIA made on September 30 claimed that the Myanmar and Bangladesh militant groups have entered into a conspiracy with a section of militant leaders in the country indulging in violence with an intend to drive a wedge between different ethnic groups and to wage war against the Government of India.

The leaders of the militant groups were also said to have been provided funds to procure arms, ammunition and other types of terrorist hardware which sourced both from across the border as well as from border terrorist outfits active in North Eastern States of India to stoke the current crisis, he added.

He said NIA has started a probe on the instruction from the ministry of Home Affairs which said that Chin-Kuki-Mizo (Zo people) militants from Myanmar and Bangladesh along with Chin-Kuki militants of Manipur are waging war against the Government of India.

“S Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, GoI stated in an interview that one part of the problem in Manipur has been the destabilizing impact of migrants who have come in the state,” he said.

The Government of India tells the Supreme Court that “Most of the unclaimed bodies in Manipur are infiltrators”, he said while declaring the stance of VVF that it supports the Government of India in the regard of the NIA statements.

“We will support the Central forces, Manipur Police and IRB among others. We will fight against Chin-Kuki-Mizo militants to protect Manipu and to save India,” Chinglemba said.

Jiban Yumnam who also attended the function decried the threatening of VVF general secretary Chinglemba recently by some miscreants stating that it was an unnecessary act of pointing guns towards the blood brothers.

He appealed to those who were involved in threatening Chinglemba to clarify the reason for carrying out the act.

Manipur, especially the Meitei society, will face a grave economic disaster after the end of the ongoing crisis. VVF has started taking certain measures to recuperate the dying economy of the Meiteis, he said.

“VVF is a united force of the direct sufferers in the peripheral areas of the Meitei inhabited regions in the state. We were the ones who initially face the Kuki aggression even with swords and knives, in the wake of the May 3 incident that erupted in Kuki dominated areas of the state”, Jeevan said. “VVF is a dignified force of the villagers who defend to protect Meiteis and never work against the real public sentiments”.

Hundreds of the members of VVF from different parts of the Manipur valley participated the gathering at Bishnupur.

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