Explosives, equipment recovered during mass operation at Indo-Myanmar border town Moreh

Imphal: In continuation of the mass search operation in the Indo-Myanmar border town Moreh, a combined team of Manipur Police along with Assam Rifles and BSF recovered various explosives and others at the border town Moreh on Thursday.

Explosive items, equipment, combat dresses, two mobile phones, one DI Tata, six 2-wheelers, two bullet proof vest cover camouflage, one full T-shirt camouflage, three pipe gun local made and some gun powder composite mixture and others were recovered.

It is reported that these three villages were the shelters of suspected Kuki militants and mission organising spots.

The search operation has been taken up following killing of a police officer Chingtham Anand Kumar by suspected Kuki militant on Tuesday.

The MPS officer, was shot dead reportedly by a sniper bullet while inspecting a newly established helipad at Eastern Shine School, Moreh.

As resolved by an emergency Cabinet meeting the mass search operation was launched in an around the border town and to continue till the culprits involved in the killing is nabbed.

Additional force that were heading towards the border town were also ambushed at two different locations along Indo-Myanmar national highway by armed miscreants where three police commandos were injured.

The combined team of special commando, Moreh district commando, 5th IRB, Moreh police, Assam Rifles and Border Security Forces (BSF) conducted search operation at Toulal village, Senjang village and Laikul village which are located at the border town, Moreh. The security forces are presently stationed at Toulal village, Moreh.

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