Security forces in Manipur recover huge cache of Arms & Ammunitions

Imphal: Security forces in Manipur have recovered 36 arms, 314 ammunitions and 17 explosives from different parts of Manipur in four consecutive days.

The security forces have been on operations to disarm people to bring peace in the violence ridden state.

Manipur Police Control Room on Friday released a press statement on the recent development of the security in the state.

1. During the last 24 hours, the situation in the State remained under control.
2. Search operations were conducted by security forces in the fringe and vulnerable areas of Imphal West, Imphal East, Kakching, Thoubal, Bishnupur Kangpokpi and Churachandpur districts. During the operations, the recovered items are summarized as below:

3. On 10th October, 2023 at about 4.30 am, a combined team of S.F. and Bishnupur District police conducted area domination and sanitization in Khousabung area under Moirang PS, Churachandpur District and recovered two country made POMPI.
4. On 11th October 2023 from 5 am to 7.45 am, Kakching District Police conducted cordon and search operation at Khoidum Pat area under HLM-PS, Kakching-Dist.
During the operation, 1(one) White plastic bag marked as “SOYA BARI” was found hidden in the secluded bushy area at the back side of Ibudhou Laishang at Khoidum Pat and the following items were recovered:
(i) 02 (two) no. of 9mm Carbine 1A1 bearing Reg. nos. 16200640 SAF 1998 and 16200877 SAF 1998
(ii) 01 (one) empty 9mm Carbine Magazine.
(iii) 01 (one) Indian made Hand Grenade marked as 36 MMK.
5. On 11th October, 2023 at around 3.30 pm, Imphal West District Police arrested 3(three) cadres of UNLF involved in extortion activities, namely,
(i) Ningombam Khelen Singh (28) s/o N. Inaobi Singh of Pukhao Khewa Phurju Awang Leikai,
(ii) Laishram Bedan @ Rajo Meitei (25) s/o (L) L. Dolen Meitei of Pukhao Khewa Phurju and
(iii) Irom Davidson Singh (26) s/o I. Daju Singh of Kakwa Huidrom Leikai
from North AOC (under Imphal-PS) Imphal West district along with seizure of the following items:
(i) 1(one) 9 mm pistol with magazine loaded 8(eight) rounds,
(ii) 7(seven) Mobile Phone Handsets,
(iii) 1(one) Maruti Gypsy (without registration No.)
(iv) 1(one) Waist bag containing 1(one) Aadhar Card and Rs. 5,370/-.
6. On 12th October 2023 (3.30 am to 12.00 pm), a combine team of S.F. and district Police Churachandpur while conducting combing operation at Gothol- Phouljang Areas of Churachandpur seized the following items:
(i) One MP-5 with magazine
(ii) One .9mm CMG with magazine
(iii) One 38.8 Tear Gas Gun
(iv) One .38 mm anti-riot rubber bullets cartridge
(v) 03 Anti-riot tear smoke grenades (CS)
(vi) 02 Tear smoke shells soft nose (50 m)
(vii) One Country made improvised Mortar
(viii) One Country made improvised Bomb
(ix) One Dress combat
(x) One Pouch

7. On 12th October, 2023 from 2.40 pm to 4.00 pm, Thoubal District Police and S.F. conducted area domination and sanitisation at Usoipokpi Makha, Sangomsang under Lilong PS Thoubal district. In that, the following items were seized:
(i) 1 (one) SLR b/regd No. 15131096.
(ii) 5 (five) SLR magazine.
(iii) 3 (three) mortar shells 51mm HE.

8. On 13th October 2023(from 3 am to 4:45 am), CASO was conducted by combined team of Imphal West District Police and S.F. at Kameng, Khamran and Mana Ingkhol area of IW Dist. The combined forces searched about 150 houses in the three villages. The following items are recovered in the ops:
(i) Carbine – 3 nos.
(ii) Carbine magazines- 5 nos.
(iii) 9 mm pistol – 1 no with 1 mag.
(iv) 7.65 lama pistol – 1 no with mag.
(v) 36 HE Granade – 3 nos.
(vi) Air gun with scope – 1 no
(vii) Ammunition:
a. 67 nos. of 9mm round
b. 78 nos. of 0.45mm round
(viii) 1 plastic magazine of INSAS rifle
(ix) BP Jacket – 8 nos.
(x) Police uniform – 13 pairs + 1 pant
(xi) Jungle boot – 8 pairs
(xii) Dummy rifle (wood) – 19
(xiii) Wireless set – 3 nos. with 4 chargers
(xiv) Receipt booklet of KCP (PWG Kangla)
(xv) 1 Attendance register
(xvi) Mobile phone – 6 nos.
(xvii) 1 Maruti Gypsy without registration number plate.
The CASO was successful and no untoward incident happened during the ops. The recovered items have been handed over to Lamshang PS for taking legal action.

9. CASO was conducted on 13th October 2023 (0400 hrs. to 0750 hrs.) at Singda Kuki village by combined SFs and District Police Team.
During the operation following weapons were recovered:
1. Arms:
(i) Improvised Pumpi Canon -1
(ii) Improvised projectile launcher – 2
(iii) Muzzle loading rifle – 2
(iv) 0.303 rifle- 1
2. Ammunition:
(i) 0.303 magazine with ammunition – 3 nos.
(ii) country made rounds -2
(iii) Lathode bomb -1
No untoward incident occurred during the operations.

10. On 13th October 2023(from 5 AM to 9 AM), a CASO was conducted by a combined team of Churachandpur district police and S.F. The following items were recovered during the operation:
i) One 0.303 rifle with 2 live rounds
ii) One Tear gas Gun with 2 shells of tear gas
These recovered weapons are found to be part of Arms & Ammunition looted from DHQ CCP Arms Kote.
11. On 13th October 2023 (from 6.00 am to 08.15 am) on the basis of intelligence regarding transportation/ dumping of sophisticated arms and ammunitions by some armed miscreants at Charoi Khullen under Loktak PS, a combined team of Bishnupur district Police and team of S.F. carried out cordon and search operation at Charoi Khullen area. During the search operation, the following items were recovered: –
(i) 9mm Carbine bearing reg No. 16200830, SAF – 1998 with 01 magazine.
(ii) 303 Rifle – 01 Nos.
(iii) 32 Sniper Rifle with magazine and 04 rds.
(iv) 7.62 mm (AK series ammunition) – 90 rds.
(v) No. 36 HE Hand Grenade – 02 nos.
(vi) 7.62 mm SLR ammunition -06 nos.
(vii) No. 33 detonator – 05 nos.
(viii) 9mm ball ammunition – 45 rds.
(ix) Safety Fuse – 35 cm. approx.
(x) Gun Powder – 01 plastic container.
A case is taken up at Loktak Police Station for taking further necessary legal action.
12. 13/10/2023 at 12.30pm., teams of IW District Police arrested two active members of KCP (City Meitei) from Thangmeiband near Hot Bite Cafe, Thangmeiband. They are:
1). Ningthoujam Chalamba Singh (26yrs) s/o late N. Subol Singh of Khurai Sajor Leikai and
2). Yendrembam Goutam Meitei (25yrs) s/o Y. Ahongjao Meitei of Sekta Mayai Leikai.
They disclosed that they are working under the command of Self-Styled Chairman Mr. Brojen @ City Meitei since June 2023 and on his advice, they demanded huge amounts from the shop owners of Imphal west and East area for their party fund.
From their possession following articles were recovered and seized:
1). One 9mm pistol RFI along with one magazine loaded with 4 live rounds bearing body no. 18305913 (suspected to be looted from security forces)
2). One pistol marked as “.32 7.65 PISTOL MADE IN JAPAN” along with one magazine loaded with 3 live rounds
3). One Baleno car black in color without registration number.
4). Three mobile handsets and
5). Two wallets containing 2 Aadhaar cards and Rs. 200/-
The arrested persons along with the seized articles will be handed over to Imphal PS for further necessary action.
13. Movement 370 vehicles along NH-37 and 250 vehicles along NH-2 carrying essential items have been ensured. Strict security measures are taken up in all vulnerable locations and security convoy is provided in sensitive stretches to ensure free and safe movement of the vehicles.
14. A total of 134 Nakas/Checkpoints were installed in different Districts of Manipur, both in the hill and the valley and Police detained 2055 persons in connection with violations and verifications in different districts of the State.
15. Appeal is made to general public not to believe in rumours and beware of false videos. Any circulation of unfounded videos etc may be confirmed from the rumour free number – 9233522822 of Central Control room. Further, appeal is made to public to return the looted arms, ammunition and explosives to the police or nearest security forces immediately. If anybody will be caught with illegal arms during search operations, stern legal action will be taken.

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