Manipur Guv, CM hope for peace on Mera Chaoren Houba

Imphal: Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey and chief minister N. Biren Singh have greeted the people of Manipur on the traditional festival of Mera Chaoren Houba expressing hope for peace and opening of a new chapter with the celebration of the festival.

The traditional festival of Mera Chaoren Houba, a festival for preserving and promoting unity and integrity amongst all the communities settled in Manipur is celebrated on the advent of Mera-tha. This festival through the ages has withstood the test of time and in recent years has become a rallying point for the state’s unity and integrity. “I would like to appeal to all to celebrate this festival in its true spirit, upholding the tradition of peaceful co-existence in Manipur’s pluralistic society. I hope that this festival will usher in the bond of unity, integrity and understanding, deepening age old traditions resulting in peace and prosperity. I wish the celebration of Mera Chaoren Houba a grand success,” Anusuiya Uikey said.

Biren said the festival is celebrated to preserve and promote unity amongst all communities and to march towards a more harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Manipur.

“Today, our State is witnessing a tough phase, with vested interest groups attempting to incite feelings of and enmity amongst various communities. As we believe that the month of Mera brings back the age-old tradition of love and brotherhood between the hill and valley people residing together in the state, the festival holds much significance now.”

Many have suffered irreparable losses in this conflict. No amount of compensation can console these losses. Yet, prolonging this state of chaos, can only bring us more sorrow. It is therefore time to join hands and work for peace and reconciliation. “We most work together to rebuild our homes and our lives and for everyone who have suffered more than each one of us,” the chief minister said.

“Let the tradition of sharing and exchange of gifts on this day serve to rebuild the bonds among different communities. Let us pray that the strength of humanity and our capacity to forgive, open for us, a new chapter for the state.”

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