BJP MLAs do not demand Separate Administration, it’s by Kuki-Zo MLAs: Sharda confuses people

Imphal: Ten Kuki MLAs of Manipur including seven BJP MLAs have been demanding for a Separate Administration as Manipur crisis came into being in Manipur with the Kuki militants and the community started attacking Meitei on May 3.

However, BJP Manipur president A. Sharda Devi keeps telling media that the demand for a separate administration was not by BJP MLAs.

On Friday, Sharda said the demand for ‘Separate Administration’ is not by BJP but by the 10 Kuki-Zo MLAs including 7 BJP MLAs.

She again said BJP has already submitted memorandum to central leaders to take appropriate action against those seven BJP MLAs.

Why did she said this while saying that the demand for a separate administration was not by BJP MLAs? This remained an unanswered question as if confusing people.

Sharda was talking to reporters at BJP office, Imphal on Friday and stated that 10 Kuki-Zo MLAs including seven BJP MLAs, two KPA MLAs and one independent MLA are demanding separation administration but not by the BJP party.

She said state BJP has been against disintegration of territorial integrity and boundary of Manipur and will stand on the decision.

The video of Sharda speaking to reporters on Wednesday that the demand for Separate Administration is not by BJP went viral. Her Friday statement was made in clarification to the viral video.

She said BJP will work on the sentiment of the people of Manipur.

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