Stop divisive policy: Shiva Sena

Imphal: Shiva Sena Manipur state unit has rebuked against the Assam Rifles (AR) in response to the shocking events that unfolded during the Friday’s Pallel firing incident.

Approximately 80 women protesters were reported to have sustained injuries in the hands of the AR, prompting widespread outrage.

Speaking to reporters at his Imphal office, M. Tombi, the president of the Shiva Sena Manipur unit, expressed strong criticism of the AR’s actions.

He questioned, “Does AR take the mothers of Manipur as terrorists?”

Tombi went on to highlight a contradiction, noting that the AR had refrained from using a single tear gas shell against Kuki women who had obstructed the movement of state forces on the Pallel-Moreh road. He pointed out the central forces deployed to neutralise the crisis had been unable to curb the atrocities carried out by Kuki militants, who defied the SoO ground rules.

He said as Indian citizens they have the right to voice their concerns, make suggestions, appeal, and criticize, while urging the AR to cease divisive policies amid the ongoing crisis.

Regarding the meeting held by 10 Manipur MLAs and others with the Mizoram CM to decide the future course of action, Tombi expressed skepticism, stating, “It is very wonderful. Stop it.”

The president also recalled a recent attack by Kuki militants on innocent farmers in Narasena, which occurred during a brief period of ceasefire and decried the violent acts of Kuki militants as intolerable.

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