Save Manipur, India from narco-terrorism: Delhi Meetei Co-ordinating Committee

Imphal: The Delhi Meetei Co-ordinating Committee, in a solemn programme held on Sunday, has released a pamphlet exposing ‘a looming threat to India in General and Manipur in particular, systematically caused by cross-border Narco-Terrorists’.

The cross-border Narco-Terrorists, in pursuing their diabolic profit agenda have caused a widespread drug pandemic in Manipur, which has been systematically extended to other parts of India. It has caused thousands of deaths, health breakdowns, social crimes, and irreparable physical and psychological damages, the committee said.

The Narco-Terrorists have also destroyed forests for poppy farming thereby causing serious ecological damages. “The profit from drugs has been used for raising a communal militia, procurement of arms and ammunition, and illegal infiltration, and transplantation of settler colonies of foreign elements,” it added.

The diabolic design is to carve out an exclusive territory where they would assert absolute monopoly of illicit drug trade and disturbances. The pamphlet reproduces data on the extent of arrests for contraband drugs and poppy farming, it said.

The pamphlet is aimed to be widely circulated to spread awareness about the threat of drug pandemic unleashed by the cross-border narco-terrorists. It calls on the people of India to stand united to save India in gener and Manipur in particular from narco-terrorism, the committee said

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