PM Modi, Amit Shah, Biren effigies set ablaze in Manipur, protestors suspects leaders siding Kuki armed drug mafias in crisis

Imphal: Ourageous women in Imphal East took to the streets on Friday, set ablaze effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home minister Amit Shah, chief minister N. Biren Singh, BJP Manipur Pradesh president A. Sharda Devi, decrying the failure to take necessary positive steps to restore peace in Manipur.

Protests were held at Khurai Puthiba Leikai and Ahongei Machin, Soibam Leikai.

In the protest held at Khurai Puthiba Leikai, resonated with resounding slogans “Long Live Manipur” and “We Want Peace,” and echoed demands to take away Assam Rifles from Manipur soil.

The protesters castigated both the state and central governments for what they perceive as a dearth of action and inadequate strategies in addressing the ongoing crisis.

The presence of Assam Rifles in Manipur has remained a contentious issue for an extended period, and these women at Khurai forcefully voiced their frustration, calling for immediate measures to address their apprehensions.

Addressing the reporters during the protest, Devarani, a woman protester, criticized both the central and state governments. She accused them of prioritising political gains over the safety and well-being of Manipur’s citizens in this time of crisis.

Peace restoration in the state should be an urgent priority. If not, the mothers of Manipur would stage numerous protests until their voices are heard.

In a similar protest at Ahongei Machin, Soibam Leikai, one of the protestors, Y. Bijenti Devi questioned, “What is the hidden agenda of the government not able to bring peace in Manipur?

For the last over 4 months Kuki militants and armed drug mafias are attacking the people. Since the violence has erupted many have died and many of them are injured and the gunfights are still continuing in peripheral areas.

“There is a suspicion that state and central leaders are involved in the present crisis siding the Kuki militants and armed drug mafias,” she said.

As the both the governments failed to bring back normalcy in Manipur, Meira Paibi struggle for peace in Manipur. Due to the crisis many students are not able to attend their classes and daily wage earners fail to earn their livelihood, she added.

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