No curfew relaxation on Friday in Imphal

Imphal: There will be no curfew relaxation in Imphal East and Imphal West districts on Friday says an information passed to media by Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Manipur on Thursday.

The information came following mass agitations attacking police stations and damaging two police officers’ residences. The agitators were demanding unconditional release of five persons arrested, allegedly of possessing arms and roaming in Imphal areas.

The agitators were of the opinion that the arrested persons were village defenders who have been defending the Kuki narco-terrorists attacks while as the goverment fails to protect alley people from Kuki attacks.

As the agitations peaked up the magistrates of both the districts issued order shortening of curfew hours from 5 pm.

“Curfew relaxation in respect of Imphal East District from 5 am to 9 pm for September 21 in order to facilitate general public to purchase essential items including medicines and food items is hereby cancelled with immediate effect, as there is likelihood of gathering of public for reasons mentioned other than the purpose of relaxation of curfew,” an order said.

All persons belonging to essential services such as the Health, PHED, Municipal staff, Power (MSPDCL/MSPCL), Media persons, schools and colleges and functioning of Courts, shall be exempted from further imposition of curfew after the expiry of the said period of relaxation, the order said.

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