MLAs pledge with YoM to protect Manipur

Imphal: After minister Th. Biswajit and MLA L. Rameshwor pledged in presence of volunteers of “Youths of Manipur” (YoM) on Saturday, the youth group continued to throng at MLAs residents to make them pledge to work to protect Manipur.

The youths stormed at the residence of Speaker Th. Satyabrata, minister Y. Khemchand and MLA Sapam Nishikanta on Sunday.

The youths stormed at the residences of MLA Rameshwor Meeitei and minister Biswajit Singh located at Kiyamgei Santipur and Ningomthong respectively, on Saturday.

Both the MLAs pledged in front of the youths in the name of Ibudhou Pakhangba (Supreme deity of Meitei) that ‘no compromise on Manipur integrity’, ‘to press authority concerned to convene an immediate assembly session’, ‘to bring up the issue of Manipur on the Manipur Legislative Assembly floor to discuss in the upcoming parliamentary session’, ‘will lead the people of Manipur’, and ‘will resign from MLAship if Manipur breaks apart’.

The youths on Saturday failed to meet MLA Rameshwor in person as he was out of station. However, he took the pledge through phone in front of the youths. He signed the pledge and sent to the youths through e-mail.

A special session of Parliament has been scheduled on September 18 and will be continuing for the next 5 days.

The youths stormed at the residence of Speaker Th Satyabrata located at Bhramapur Bheigyabati Leikai. He was also found out of station for his health check-up. However, Ranjana Devi, wife of Satyabrata call him and took the same pledge in front of the youths through loud speaker.

Similarly, minister Y. Khemchand was also out of station, but he assured the youths through phone call that he will meet the youths on Tuesday.

The group of youths marched from the residence of Khemchand to the residence of Sapam Nishikant located at Sega Road Thouda Babhok Leikai. Nishikant met the youths in front of his residence and took the pledge along with the youths and signed the pledge.

The youths started taking the steps to bring normalcy and peace in Manipur as violence of Meitei-Kuki clash continues since May 3.

Ahead of the eruption of the violence an open gym was arsoned by some miscreants on April 27 at Churachandpur. After the incident chief minsiter N. Biren Singh told media that the issue was due to some misunderstanding with the local MLA of Churachandpur. He told the people of Manipur through media “See the action of BJP government”.

Four months have passed, there is no sign to end firings in the fringe areas of Manipur.

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