Manipur legislators seek PM’s appointment

Imphal: Ministers, the Speaker and MLAs, who are presently at New Delhi, have submitted a letter to the Prime office on Tuesday seeking appointment with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A 23 member delegation have been on a mission to the national capital to meet the central leaders so as to bring about a peaceful lasting solution to the prevailing situation in the state.

Manipur has been on boil since the outbreak of Meitei-Kuki clash that erupted after Kuki community supported by militants attacked Meitei village on Churachandpur by killing and burning houses.

The legislators in Delhi mission were BJP MLAs and MLAs who support the BJP government.

They left Imphal for Delhi on September 14 after they promised the Youth of Manipur group to work to safeguard Manipur.

The youth group stormed at the chief minister’s official bungalow here on September 12 urging the legislators to make clear their stance in bringing peace in the state.

The ministers and MLAs took a resolution and decided to move to Delhi.

Manipur has 60 Assembly constituencies. Ten MLAs belonging Kuki have been demanding a Seperate Administration for Kuki.

The youths demanded to take legal action against 10 Kuki MLAs who challenge against Manipur’s integrity.

The MLAs had resolved that they would stand for the territorial integrity of Manipur and that no form of separate administration will be agreed.

The youth had cautioned the MLAs and Manipur government that they should be responsible for any outcome against the resolutions.

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