Biren appeals to handover illegal weapons in 15 days, cautions search operation

Imphal: The state government hereby informs that all illegal weapons held by any person or groups across the state should be surrendered forthwith within a period of 15 days from today (Friday), said chief minister N.Biren Singh in a statement released on Friday.

The state government is willing to take a considerate view for the persons submitting such illegal weapons within these 15 days. At the end of the 15 days security forces, both of the Centre and the state will undertake a strong and comprehensive search operation all over the state to recover such weapons, and all persons associated with any illegal weapons will be dealt with severely, as per the law, the statement said.

There have been reports of extortion, threats and abduction by miscreants or groups using illegal weapons. “This is a serious matter and the state government will take strong action against such miscreants or groups in any part of the state, it added.

The government also appeals to the people of the state to cooperate with both the central and state government in restoring peace and normalcy in the state.

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