Women folks demonstrate in night pressing for immediate Special Manipur Assembly session

Imphal: Demanding to immediately convene Special Assembly session women in different parts of Manipur valley demonstrated on streets on Wednesday night. 

The women folks took up the mass demonstration despite the state Cabinet’s recommendation made to the governor of Manipur to summon for 4th session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly session on August 21.

The committee along with some other organsations had imposed 24 hour public curfew demanding the same on Saturday last. The same has been demanded from various sections to take a decision in the House on the current Meitei-Kuki crisis.

The committee had announced earlier on Tuesday to demonstrate the protest starting from 9 pm of Wednesday at respective locality area demanding to convene immediate special Assembly session.

The demonstrators chanted slogans “Convene special session by tomorrow”, “No separation administration in Manipur”, “Save territorial integrity and boundary of Manipur”, among others.

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