Protect Meitei Rights: 7Sisters, Sikkim Youth

Imphal: 7Sisters and Sikkim Youth Team have written a letter to Himanta Biswa Sarma, Assam chief minister, convenor of NEDA and DoNER leader to honor the rights of the Meitei people of the North East India.

The letter was written with ‘great concern at the deplorable act on Meitei Issue’ towards the common People of Manipur residing in the Moreh and Churachandpur and rest of Manipur state.

The open letter was written regarding the Meitei and Kuki Peace Talks, the effort to end the war between two communities.

“In this letter we requested the chiefs of NorthEast including NEDA/DoNER leaders to show the act of incident on Peace restore in Manipur for immediate act.”

The letter asked to honor the rights of the Meitei and to look into how their rights can be restored in Manipur state immediately.

Following that the question of repairing damages inflicted upon many Meitei Communities by the Kuki community should also be discussed and determined, it said.

The Northeast bodies urged to re-think on the SoO Act Manipur and expressed need for financial support for those who lost their houses and documents. They urged for NRC Implementation in Manipur and to restore ST status to Meitei community as per High court notice.

They also asked to act on Illegal Poppy Plantation, to stop illegal immigrant influx and restore law and order in Moreh and Churachandpur and whole of Manipur.

No Separate administration is a high demand from 7Sisters and Sikkim Youth Team, they said.

They said, no blockage along national highway and Railway track (Khonsai), need to act immediately if required.

Respect the sovereignty, privacy, and rights of the other states that Assam loves to pick up fights – Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland or other states that may have faced similar situations, the 7Sisters and Sikkim Youth Team said.

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