Manipur in difficult period, must look beyond narrow considerations: Biren

Imphal: Manipur chief minister N.Biren Singh said, ” Our state Manipur is going through a difficult period in its long history…Each one must look beyond narrow considerations…”, on the occasion of the 77th Independence Day.

The conflict (Meitei-Kuki clash) that has engulfed the state since May 3 is unprecedented in the scale and extent of violence. People on both sides of the conflict are engaged in acts of violence, guided by thoughts of hatred and vengeance. The voices of reason hardly appeal to them. “But with over 150 dead and hundreds injured, homes and places of faith razed to the ground, we are not leaving a good legacy for our children and our future generations,” the chief minister said.

The state must rise above confines of community affiliations and work for peace, understanding and reconciliation. Each one must look beyond narrow considerations and be willing to find a solution that must be based on centuries of living together, he added.

Provocative actions may test the state’s patience and goodwill. Yet, in a bate against divisive forces, the state must also remain strong and resilient. In the end, truth and peace will prevail, the chief minister said.

He extended his ‘warm greetings and best wishes’ to the people of Manipur on the joyous occasion of the 77th Independence Day of our country.

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