Kuki MLAs pray Prime Minister not to remove Assam Rfles

Imphal: Kuki MLAs who have been demanding a Seperate Kuki administration have requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to remove Assam Rifles from ‘our state’ as it would harm and jeopardize our safety and security.

The request came after after 9th Battalion Assam Rifles were replaced by CRPF along Bishnnupur to Kangvai Road on Monday.

Phougakchao Ikhai Police Station had lodged an FIR against personnel of 9th Battalion Assam Rifles for allegedly blocking state police personnel while discharging its duty in Bishnupur district. The police alleged that this act of the Assam Rifles gave chance to Kuki militants to escape. The incident was occured on Saturday last at around 6.30 am near Kutub Wali Masjid at Kwakta Ward Number 8, along Pholjang road about 2.8 km northwest.

There has been apprehension of Assam Rifles supporting Kuki militants.

Forty non-Kuki MLAs had also appealed the Prime Minister to shift Assam Rifles (9, 22 amd 37) from their locations of deployment in a represention submitted on Wednesday.

“Since the outbreak of ethnic strife in Manipur in May 2023, the unabated violence has led to deep mistrust between the Kuki-Zo-Hmar Tribals and Meitei communities which has been reflected in splitting of local state administration and law enforcing agencies too,” the 10 Kuki MLAs said in a letter written to the Prime Minister on Thursday.

“The tribals have unwavering faith on the central forces, particularly the Assam Rifles as they stood the test of time and did their work without prejudice, bias, fear or compulsion. The Assam Rifles has majority of their troops from the North Eastern States of India and they have been guarding Manipur for very long, hence, they are aware of the local dynamics…” they said.

What sets them apart from other forces Is their single-minded resolved to safeguard humanity, compassionate yet firm-handling of highly tense situations and unbiased conduct. For these reasons, the Assam Rifles is being falsely blamed by Meiteis, they added.

A new and more worrisome trend has now come to fore in further targeting of the Assam Rifles. The Manipur Police has now started removing the Assam Rifles posts from key areas and also started lodging false and fabricated FIRs against the Assam Rifles to hinder them from doing their duties, the MLAs said.

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