CRY organises Health Camp for women, children

Imphal: With the aim of providing essential medical services, health education, and awareness to the vulnerable sections of the population, a one-day health camp for women and children was organized by CRY (Child Rights and You) at Maklang Makha leikai, Imphal West on Sunday.

The camp was a collaborative effort involving healthcare professionals, Dr.Bupen, consultant Orthopaedic and sport medicine, RIMS; Dr. Naresh, consultant Paediatrics, Angels Hospital; Dr. Chingkhei, Emergency and Trauma, Raj Medicity; nurses and volunteers from Wide Angle; and local club, Maklang Progressive Development Association.

The camp targeted women and children, offering a range of medical check-ups, consultations and health-related guidance. It also provided medicine free of cost.

The health camp offered a comprehensive range of activities and services designed to address the health needs of women and children.

Licensed medical practitioners conducted thorough health assessments, including measurements of vital signs, physical examinations, and screenings for common health conditions.

The camp educated mothers and caregivers about proper nutrition for both women and children, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet.

Informative sessions were conducted on topics such as maternal health, child care, hygiene practices, and disease prevention. These sessions aimed to empower participants with knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.

Basic healthcare essential medicine, vitamins, supplements, and hygiene kits, were distributed to attendees to support their ongoing well-being.

The medical professionals offered personalized consultations, addressing specific health concerns and providing advice for further treatment if necessary.

The health camp for women and children proved to be a resounding success, accomplishing its objectives of providing healthcare services and education to a vulnerable demographic, said Montu Ahanthem, secretary, Wide Angle.

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