Cocomi women’s wing pledges NCWI to intervene investigation on alleged Meitei rape case, AR atrocities against Meira Paibi

Imphal: Coordinating Committee of Manipur Integrity (Cocomi) women’s wing has requested chairperson of National Commission for Women, India (NCWI) to intervene in investigation on the atrocities perpetrated by the 9th Assam Rifles Jawans to women Meira Paibi of Manipur, where 90 Meira Paibi were injured and brutal rape case of a Meitei lady by suspected Kuki militants.

Convenor of the women wing, Y. Leirik Leima told reporters here on Friday at its Lamphelpat office, that in any conflict, women are the worst sufferers and the target of many atrocities.

Till date since the violence erupted in Manipur over 200 people have lost their lives, Leirik Leima said adding that in the present turmoil in Manipur many incidents of atrocities towards women and children have been recorded.

She said similar incident was also occurred on August 3 at Phougakchao Ikhai, Bishnupur district injuring around 90 women.

Continuing her note, Leirik said on that day (August 3) hundreds of Meira Paibi were democratically protesting against the attempt of the so-called Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum to conduct mass burial of bodies of Kukis at Torbung Bangla, which is a dispute site.

At around 12 noon of the same day, scuffled took placed between Meira Paibi and personnel of 9th Assam Rifles. The AR jawans during the scuffle allegedly assaulted the protestors black and blue. They even used chemical sprays to the innocent Meira Paibi, she added.

During the incident as many as 90 Meira Paibi suffered minor injuries and admitted to local hospital. Cocomi strongly condemned the atrocity perpetrated by the male jawans of 9th AR towards innocent women on that day.

The women wing ‘strongly’ condemned the brutal act of rape of one Meitei lady from Khumujamba Meitei Leikai on May 3 by alleged Kuki militants which was published in various media platforms.

She appealed the chairman of National Commission for Women, India to investigate the rape case as well as the atrocities committed by the male Jawans of the 9th Assam Rifles towards the women Meira Paibis of Manipur.

The women wing of the committee made the request with a written application which enclosed a list of the 90 women who suffered injuries and admitted to local hospitals and FIR copy of the rape case.

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