BJP MLA Imo appeals Centre not to hold talks with ground rule violating SoO groups

Imphal: Manipur BJP MLA RK Imo Singh appeals the Government of India not to indulge in any kind of talks with those groups who have violated ground rules.

Strict action should be taken against these groups for continuous violence, imo said.

These violation of ground rules has been a part in the last couple of months in the state. “I think the people of Manipur will not be very positive to hear such kind of news,” Imo said through a video message on Friday.

Any kind of talks with any groups or civil society is welcomed to ensure that there is peace in the state of Manipur, so that it will bring normalcy in the state.

“We are aware of the information regarding these talks. Because we know this is an open discussion. But we have no idea what is there. I am not sure the chief minister or the state government would be knowing the details of the talks.

To finalise the talks stakeholders should be consulted. “Any kind of decision without the knowledge of the state government, I don’t think its going to happen,” the MLA said.

The talks has to be in a very strategised manner where all sections of the society are involved. The state government will see what kind of discussions are to be taken and the positives out of it. “We can all work together to bring peace in the state and stop violence across the state,” he added.

Any talks with organisations to bring peace should not lead to peace in one area and disharmony and violence in another area, the MLA on his Facebook wall posted with the video.

Kuki National Organisation and United People’s Front have started talks with the Centre on Thursday in Delhi to resolve the clash between the Meitei and Kuki communities. The first round of discussions was held on July 26. The insurgent groups have been demanding a Seperate Administration for Kuki-Zo, a group of tribals.

Manipur has been on grim since May 3, the day Kuki attacked Meitei villages, which triggered the present crisis.

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