Abandoned arms recovered in Manipur

Imphal: Manipur Police team led by superintendent of police Dr. S. Ibomcha recovered arms from an area in Imphal West where incidents of firings between Meitei and Kuki took place, on Wednesday.

The police made the recovery following an information about the presence of some arms in and around adjoining area of Apunlok Cannal of Phayeng and Kadangband  towards Twuikun Village.

A search operation was launched at 2.45 pm by the police team and recovered the articles found abondoned on the western side corner of Apunlok Cannal of Phayeng Kadangband road.

The recovered items were three of Pistols, two pistol magzine, one sub-machine gun 9 mm  carbine without magazine, six HE-36 hand grenades without detonator, 10 Tube Launching, 12 ballistic rounds marked with H7.62D and six grenade firing rings.

The recovered articles were seized at the spot at 3.20 pm by observing formalities.

Hence, a regular case is registered for investigation, police said.

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