800 families capacity pre-fabricated houses construction begins at Yaithibi Loukol

Imphal: Construction of fabricated house to accommodate of about 800 displaced families started at different districts of Manipur, construction of more houses are on the pipeline in hill districts.

As per official record since the eruption of communal clash in Manipur on May 3, a total of around 70,000 people have been displaced with over more than 100 fatalities. To accommodate the displaced people more than 350 relief camps were established for the affected areas.

Thousands of houses were burnt down mostly in peripheral area including in Imphal and other some district headquarters.

The local bodies, state government and some other social workers have been taking care of the displaced people at various relief camps as they have been displaced from their residences.

The state government have already announced for construction of pre-fabricated houses at most of the districts of Manipur.

MAHUD minister had announced recently while distributing special job card for displaced people at a relief camp opened at Manipur college, Imphal West that the government will try to complete pre-fabricated houses in two weeks.

Yaithibi Loukol (near Khongjom War Memorial) is the place where Manipur government acquired in the name of construction of National Sports University. However there are some land dispute between the land owners and state government regarding compensation of the land. The locals and land owners of Yaithibi Loukol had demanded for re-survey of the acquired land.

Structural engineer of Variety Trade Complex, Premchandra Yumnam said on the sideline of the construction site at Yaithibi Loukol that as per instruction from the state government, the company is planning to construct houses for accommodation of 200 displaced families.

He said similar houses are to be constructed in most of the districts, for Kakching district due to the pending approval from respective DC the construction work is yet to be started.

The company has started construction at Sawombung area, Sajiwa area and Kwakta, Bishnupur district, he added.

He said the company is targeting to complete within 20 days but might take more time due to the unpredicted monsoon rain.

It is reported that the displaced families are to be accommodated at such pre-fabricated houses for temporary purpose till normalcy returned to Manipur.

The displaced people are living in various relief camps assisted by many well-wishers. Moreover state government has started constructing pre-fabricated houses for temporary accommodation of those displaced people.

A question arises– how long they are going to stay at those pre-fabricated houses.

Despite state government’s claim that situation of Manipur has returned back to normalcy, gunfire are still reported in some peripheral areas especially at the district borders of Kangpokpi, Imphal West, Bishnupur, Kakching and Churachandpur.

In the last over 70 days more than 50,000 central forces have been deployed in addition of about 30,000 state forces to control the clash despite Prime Minister’s silence.

Many displaced people questions–Who is going to control the clash and when it is going to end as most of the displaced people wanted to return back to their home not at pre-fabricated houses?

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