SPDPO urges Union minister Pralima Bhoumik for separate directorate

Imphal: State Platform of Disabled People’s Organisation (SPDPO) has urged the Union minister for social justice empowerment Pralima Bhoumik to establish a seperate directorate for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Various initiatives had been taking for the welfare of PWDs in other state by different government departments however PWDs of Manipur are not getting necessary benefits implemented by the government due to lack of separate directorate for office for disabilities, president of SPDPO Md Yunus Khan said.

He said the organisation has been trying to give various benefits for the PWDs of the state however PWDs are still suffering due to unavailability of separate directorate for PWDs.

If a separate directorate is established for Manipur and a state policy for PwDs are implemented then the suffering faced by PwDs could be solved at the most, it added.

To meet the demand SPDPO submitted a memorandum with various demands to the Union minister, during Aids and Appliance distribution function held City Convention, Palace Compound, Imphal on Friday.

The organisation urged to frame State Disabilities Policy and fully implement the Rights of Presons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act 2016 in the state of Manipur; to create separate directorate office for the PwDs; to provide and include accessible sports stadiums, practice grounds, hotels etc. and to provide grand in aids for the skills development programmes in Manipur.

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