Michelia Champaca saplings planted on Autumnal Equinox

Imphal: Marking the Autumnal Equinox and observing the Langban Heitha Leithaba/Tarpan Ushav (offering tributes to ancestors), the forest staff of Kakching Range, Pallel, Waikhong and Wangoo Lamkhai Beat Office planted 35 Michelia champaca (Leihao) saplings around the monumental Wangoo Bhaji Leihao tree on the bank of the Manipur river at Wangoo village which is about 57 km from Imphal, on Wednesday.

Autumnal Equinox falls on September 22. It is the astronomical day on which the Sun shines directly above the equator and thus on this day the length of the day and night are same all over the globe. From tomorrow onwards, the Sun will start to shine over the Southern Hemisphere and winter season will start for the Northern Hemisphere and the spring season will start in the Southern Hemisphere, range forest officer, Kakching and an environmentalist, Naorem Munal Meitei said.

On this unique day of September 22 which is again the 16th day of Langban month of the Manipur Lunar Calendar is the starting day of the 15 days long Tarpan Ushav, the floral tribute to the departed souls of the ancestors, the staffs of Kakching Forest planted the Michelia Champaca saplings around the Wangoo Bhaji Leihao tree.

Munal said the seven Maichou, the spiritual leaders of Manipur, Lourembam Khongnangthaba, Samurou Chigong, Konok Thengra, Langol Lukhoi, Moirang Lanhanba, Maichou-Devipa and Maichou-Kharam Thadoi once predicted that if the Wangoo Bhaji Leihao once dried up and again started to sprouting then that is the symbol of their re-incarnation on the Meitrabak.

The monumental tree, Wangoo Bhaji Leihao which was once dried up is now sprouting again and started healthily with bearing the flowers since for the past some years, he added.

“The Leihao saplings plantation were organised as a part of the offering Tarpan Ushav to the departed souls of the forefathers and to save our degraded environment,” Munal said and appealed to everyone to take part such a rare occasion day by planting seedlings for the sake of the mother earth and the future generation.

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