Laipham Khunou becomes first Covid-19 free zone in Heingang Constituency

Imphal: Laipham Khunou of Imphal East has become the first locality to become Covid-19 free zone in Heingang Assembly Constituency.

This was claimed by Laipham Khunou Youth Development Club.

The club secretary Ngashepam Rakeshwor told reporters here on Friday that since the outbreak of Covid-19 first wave the club’s Covid-19 Warrior had been taking various initiatives to fight against the contagion.

With the objective to make the locality a covid-19 free zone the volunteers had conducted various awareness programme in and around the locality.

Rakeshwor said people need to be cautious and should not take easily thinking that the locality has become Covid-19 free locality.

He said the virus infection can be prevented easily by taking precautionary measures like before by maintaining the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.

Almost all the eligible population of the locality has been given 1st dose of Covid vaccine and the necessary steps for 2nd dose vaccination have been taken up.

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