Mass Vaccination, test drive concludes for Sekmai

Imphal: Under the initiatives of its MLA Heisnam Dingo, mass Covid-19 vaccination and testing drive concluded in Sekmai Assembly Constituency on Monday.

The drive for the Assembly Constituency was launched on June 26. During the drive a total of 2000 persons were vaccinated and a total of 291 persons were tested and 56 were tested positive. The drive was concluded at Awang Sekmai bazaar and on the last day 190 persons were vaccinated.

The drive was organised by Covid-19 Management Committee Awang Sekmai which was supported by 13 local clubs of the area. During the drive people of the Constituency were given facility at nine vaccination centres and six testing centres, hairman of the managing committee, Angom Rajesh said.

Dingo give necessary assistance to complete the drive including financial assistance. In the whole drive the MLA took the initiatives to monitor the centres.

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