Manipur government instructions for CHIC

Imphal: In connection with setting up of community home isolation centres (CHIC) across each Assembly Constituency the health department has issued several instructions on Monday.

CHICs with capacity of upto 100 beds may engage one local nurse while those CHICs with capacity of more than 100 beds may engage two nurses. Wages of nurses engaged in CHICs will be borne by govemment, the health department said in an official memorandum on Monday.

Lunch and dinner (induding 500 ml drinking water bottle) for inmates will be borne by the govemrnent at the rate Rs 100- 130 per person per meal. The CHIC Management Committee may identify local caterers and include details in agreement signed with DC andCMO. Government will bear expenses on meals for fresh admissions prospectively, starting from the effective date specified in the agreement, the health department said.

DC and CMO may enter into suitable agreement with the CHIC Management Committee to admit symptomatic and mild patients in the CHIC as referred by CMO or designated officer without restriction to residents of the Assembly Constituency.

CMO and CHIC Management Committee shall both maintain full account of persons admitted in the CHIC.
Each CMO shall constitute a mobile medical team to attend to any specific health check-up requirements.

DCs and CMOs shall coordinate with elected representatives and local clubs so that all fresh positive cases, including in remote areas, are isolated in village community halls, school buildings, dub hall etc. Government will bear expenses for meals as indicated in case of nurses, the health department said.

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