Kashmir man’s Covid vaccination details registered under Manipuri man’s Cowin account

Imphal: On Saturday, July 17, 2021, a man in Imphal received an SMS in his mobile saying that he has been vaccinated 1st dose of Covid-19 and now he can download the vaccination certificate from the Cowin website.

However, Mr. Singh (full name withheld as requested) had already vaccinated his first dose on 11th May and his second dose is due between August 3 to 31, 2021.

When he logged in into his Cowin account, he found that one Bilal Ahmad’s details was registered as vaccinated for 1st dose for Covid in under his Cowin account. To his surprise, the individual shown as vaccinated is a person who lives some 3,000 km away from Imphal in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir by the name of Bilal Ahmad.

Mr. Singh had downloaded Mr. Bilal Ahmad’s vaccination certificate and shared a copy to Pothashang Team. According to the certificate, Mr. Bilal Ahmad had vaccinated for Covid -19 on July 17 at Zadibal PHC, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.

Mr. Ahmad is a 51 years old male with voter id no. MRD5456146 and beneficiary reference id for vaccination is 14220799854063 as per the certificate downloaded from Cowin. He was administered the vaccine by one Tasleema Banoo.

When Pothashang Team search on the internet, Ms. Tasleema Banoo’s name was found from Jammu and Kashmir’s National Health Mission website link https://www.jknhm.com/ADBASE/Srinagar.pdf . In the lists of names available on the website’s link, her name was list at serial number 202 as Ms. Tasleema Bano, wife of Mohd Abrar Mir, designation ANM, UPHC SR Gunj, mobile no. 9622547177.

Ms. Tasleema Banoo’s last name is spelled as ‘BANOO’ in the vaccination certificate downloaded from Cowin and as ‘BANO’ in the lists available from Jammu & Kashmir’s NHM website. Pothashang had tried to reach her in the number provided in JKNHM website, but the number was not reachable.

Last Sunday, the Wire had also reported an incident where one Ali Mohammad from Srinagar, who died 60 years ago, was successfully vaccinated with full doses of Covid vaccine in the Cowin.

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