FPS agents to home-deliver rice during curfew

Imphal: Consumer affairs, food and public distribution department of Manipur has entrusted fair price shop (FPS) agents to deliver the monthly rations to the homes of the eligible families covered by NFSA and PMGKAY.

The department in a press statement said as the number of active cases of Covid-l9 rises rapidly In Manipur in an uncontrolled manner, there is a need to completely enforce the present curfew in all the districts till July 27 to prevent the situation from deteriorating further and save lives.

It is imperative that people stay indoors and not venture out of their homes unnecessarily except for essential and medical reasons. In this regard, availability of food in the households is a prerequisite in persuading people to remain indoors and meet the objectives of the curfew. The chief minister has also appealed to the public to observe the curfew in letter and spirit and follow Covid appropriate behaviors like wearing mask all the time and refraining from attending crowded places, it said.

“The department has taken all necessary steps to ensure that people holding Ration Cards get their due entitlements of rice under NFSA and PMGKAY, ” director Ranjan Yumnam said.

During the curfew, FPS agents under the supervision of the DSO of the department has been entrusted to deliver the monthly rations to the homes of the eligible families. For people not possessing Ration Cards, their requirement of foodgrains requirements will be met from the OMSS stock on payment basis at Rs 22 per kg, the department said.

The FPS agents who are in close proximity to the local residents will identify the households who are willing to purchase OMSS rice from the department and assess the quantum of such OMSS rice required, it added.

“Under NFSA, AAY households irrespective of the number of family members are entitled to receive 35 kg of rice per month and all PHH beneficiaries shall receive 5 kg of rice per person per month,” the director said.

The issue price of NFSA rice is Rs 3 per kg which is to be borne by the beneficiaries themselves. Under PMGKAY, Ration Card holders/beneficiaries will be provided additional rice of 5 kg per person per month free of cost till November, 2021 over and above their monthly NFSA quota, he added.

The distribution mechanism will be employed with the active support of the police department and local civic organizations so that the restrictions of the curfew will not be a bottleneck in the delivery of the rice to the public, the director said.

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