School Fagathalasi Mission was launched not to discriminate private schools: Biren

Imphal: Competition among the government and private schools can bring a change in education sector and School Fagathalasi Mission was not launched to discriminate private schools, chief minister N.Biren Singh said on Wednesday.

State government’s School Fagathalasi Mission was launched to bring development in education sector, Biren said.

He was speaking during the inauguration programme of a new UNNACO school located at Chanura Bazaar, Nambol, Bishnupur district on Wednesday. The inauguration programme was held at CM Secretariat, Babupara through online.

The new UNNACO school be exclusively for arts stream for class XI and XII students under the recognisation of Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur (COSHEM).

Biren said good results have come up with the competition among the government and private schools, a new development in education could be witnessed in the state. Private schools should also monitor while colleting monthly fees after considering the poverty of the state, he added.

It is a good step to inaugurate a higher secondary school exclusively for arts stream. It is necessary to give value based education to the students and to make the students aware of nationalism, Biren said.

The officials of COSHEM, Board of Education Manipur (BOSEM) and State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT) had already informed to include patriotism in school syllabus, he added.

The youths of present society had starting forgetting the historic events of Manipur by citing an example the history of ‘seven years devastation’, he said.

The initiatives to open eastern Kangla gate is to aware the upcoming generation that Manipur was once an independent kingdom in eastern Asia region. The adequate resource of Manipur when it was once an independent kingdom need to preserve, he added.

Biren said to preserve and promote the indigenous folk songs, folk lore and others of ethnic communities of the state, he had instructed to include in school syllabus so that the youth can aware the relationship among the people of hills and valleys in the past.

Politics deso not mean only to construct roads, contract works and others, it includes to take up various steps to fill the gaps among ethnic groups by removing the misunderstandings, Biren said.

Regarding the syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), a committee of Rajya Sabha has urged the states of the country what to include in the school syllabus regarding their historic events. Most of the state are still not much aware that Subhash Chandra Bose unfurl the flag of Indian National Army (INA) at Moirang, he added.

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