Differently abled persons ask where are social welfare minister, commissioner

Imphal: “Where is minister of social welfare department and commissioner for person with disabilities (PWDs) during the need hour of the pandemic to assist PWDs?” President of State Platform of Disabled People’s Organization’s Manipur, Md Yunus Khan asks.

Yunus in a press said in other states of the country various PWDs are given various priorities after considering their value to the society. With the coming of Covid-19 2nd wave the priorities has been increased for other states.

He said for other states PWDs are given priorities at the time of Covid vaccination by reserving their slots. Central ministry had already directed for exclusive Covid vaccination for PWDs, he added.

With the coming of 2nd wave of Covid-19 necessary assistance and initiatives are being taken by respective authority concerns including commissioner of disabilities for other states. However, for Manipur the PWDs are unable to find minister concerned and commissioner of disabilities, he added.

He urged the authority to take necessary steps for PWDs as they are suffering more than others in the present wave.

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