Scribes’ vaccination against Covid-19 begins

Imphal: Vaccination for journalists in Manipur started on Tuesday at two centres of Imphal at the hospitals of 1st and 2nd Manipur Rifles located at Imphal West and Imphal East district respectively.

The vaccination was being conducted in batches of 20 persons at each centre.

The government had declared the members of All Manipur Working Journalists Union as frontline workers.

Senior journalist Huidrom Netaji Singh said he was very happy that the state government has recognised the scribes of Manipur as frontline workers.

He sad he was was tested positive for Covid-19 last year and in order to prevent from the virus infection each person who are eligible should get the vaccine.

There are 348 registered members of the journalists union. However, many of the scribes who are working in field were yet to be registered.

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