MPCC raises questions on MGNREGS fund release for Manipur

Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) raised several questions on the ‘non-release of the already released funds’ of MGNREGA by the Centre to Manipur.

The funds were supposed to reach PRIs (Panchayati Raj Institutions), but so far the total funds are still under the control of Manipur BJP led government and rural development and Panchayati Raj (RD and PR) minister of the state, says MPCC.

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee had already held a press conference by MLA K. Meghachandra, on the April 26, demanding the state government to release all the funds, released by the centre to the state for MGNREGA, including the recently released fund of Rs 485.5 crore on time.

After a few days of the press conference by the Congress, commissioner (RD and PR) of government of Manipur notified an order of the release of the funds meant to reach the PRIs for the villages, Seram Neken of Manipur PCC said on Monday.

Manipur PCC raised eight questions through the press conference.

When Commissioner (RD snd PR) had notified an order of release of Rs. 485.5 crores on the 29th April, why are the funds being stopped from reaching PRIs? When will the funds reach PRIs so that the people in villages get their rights? It asked.

Stating that Rs. 26.2 crore have already been released as a grant by the Centre to Manipur for panchayats to combat covid pandemic, it asked, when will the sum reach PRIs to fight the second wave of covid pandemic in Manipur?

The Manipur PCC pressed that the BJP government in Manipur must state the specific dates on which the released funds of Rs 485.5 crore and Rs 26.2 reach PRIs for the villagers. When will the BJP government announce the dates? It asked.

How long will BJP Government hold the public money with them during the covid pandemic? It added.

The Congress committee also asked, is BJP government’s blocking of the already released public money by the Centre to Manipur, meant for villagers under MGNREGA and fight against covid not anti-people, anti-villagers?

Is BJP Government so arrogant that it has decided not to release the public money meant for public on time? Is this not the complete failure of RD and PR department under BJP government in Manipur? It asked.

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