Mass Covid-19 testing to launch in Imphal West on June 1

Imphal: As per the initiative of Manipur government, aggressive mass testing of suspected individuals showing signs of Covid, close contacts of positive persons, whole family member(s) of any positive person and any person willing to take a test for Covid- 19 will be taken up from June1.

Imphal West deputy commissioner informed this to the members of Legislative Assembly Constituencies in the district.

The aggressive testing will be implemented for two weeks based on identified hot spots, potential hot spots and suspected locations based on available database on a daily basis. Aggressive mass testing will increase the testing capacity from around 1000 daily to 3500-5000 per day depending on certain factors, the deputy commissioner Naorem Praveen said.

It is likely that the number of positive cases initially will rise drastically and subsequently should decline after 10-15 days considering earlier trends. The sudden increase in the positive cases, in case it happens in some areas, could bring into lot of subsequent requirements like isolation centres, medicines, activation of local organisations, etc, he added.

In the event, a sudden increase in the number of positive cases do take place subsequent to a mass testing, the district administration desires to immediately notify any available government or private buildings like educational institutions or community halls that is deemed fit at very short notice. The same may be used for immediate community home isolation for those cases where
individual home isolation does not suit, the deputy commissioner said.

He sought cooperation of the MLAs further coordination and transmission of the information to all clubs and associations at the grassroot level so that ‘there is large participation during testing, home isolation at community level is effectively taken up, etc’.

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