‘Let’s rise to protect from Covid-19 attack’

Imphal: “Let’s not wait for the central or state government to impose SoPs strictly or by force using state police and paramilitary forces,” says Youth’s Club Brahmapur, Imphal East as it appeals to voluntarliy participate in taking up initiatives to follow SoPs against Covid-19.

The youth club has been taking up the government’s Covid-19 SoP (standard operating procedures) guidelines awareness programme and its implementation initiative to redress Covid-19 issues faced by people residing within its jurisdiction.

“Let’s not give unnecessary penalty or fine for violation of SoPs, let’s not get detained or subject to unnecessary assault or public humiliation for our mistakes. Let’s rise and protect ourselves and our loved ones from this dreadful pandemic by actively participating in this campaign,” it said.

The club started its voluntary programme on April 28 and has been continuing the service, general secretary of the club Sapam Italy Singh said.

He said one volunteer of the club is assigned as incharge of 50 household each that comes under the club’s jurisdiction.

The volunteer will monitor to ensure anyone who enters the locality or household wear face mask as a mandatory practice. To ensure the residents practice of SoPs strictly and the volunteer will provide necessary assistance while testing for Covid to any resident who have symptom, he added.

The club distributed hand sanitizers and face masks to those who are residing as tenants within the jurisdiction of the local club on Thursday.

The tenants were also given awareness on effective use of the items distributed according to the prescribed government guidelines to minimise the spread of the contagion.

The club appeals to all local clubs, NGOs, Meira Paibi organisations and volunteers of Manipur to take up similar initiatives on a war footing with a sense of belongingness, ownership and dedication.

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