Biren salutes nurses on International Nurses Day

Imphal: Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh expressed his gratitude to the nursing fraternity for their sacrifice in serving the people in the forefront during the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

International Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12, the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

“You have been at the forefront in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. You have dedicated invaluable time and energy that you could otherwise have spent with your near and dear ones, in caring for and nursing our people back to health. You have forgotten your own fears and pains in tending to the pains of others. You work silently behind curtains and in the remotest corners of our land, delivering love and care, for a better and lovelier tomorrow for all of us. You are our rnothers, fathers, brothers and sisters for our patients. Your sacrifices have earned the respect and love of us all, old and young, rich and poor, men and women. You make it possible for as to hope and dream for another birth in this lifetime. You give meaning to humanity,” Biren said in his message .

“We have overcome the first wave of the pandemic owing to your fortitude, commitment and sincerity. I believe it will also be with your grit, resilience and reassuring warm hearts, that we will overcome every other challenge to human health, be it the second wave of the pandemic or even worse,” he added.

“On International Nurses Day today, I join the people of Manipur in expressing our sincerest gratitude and in saluting each one of you. May God give you more strength in caring for us all!” Biren said.

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