National Safe Motherhood Day

Imphal: Agriculture minister Oinam Lukhoi Singh on Sunday graced the observance of National Safe Motherhood Day, 2021 under the motto “Educate, Acknowledge and focus on the problem of diseases, claiming solution and precaution for them,” held at Community Health Centre, Wangoi.

The observance was organised by Community Health Centre, Wangoi under District Health Mission Society, Imphal West.

Lukhoi said for women, pregnancy is the most important as well as critical phase in their lives. It is during this time where knowledge of proper healthcare and essentials diet imparted by the experts/doctors should not be avoided by the pregnant women and their partners to prevent themselves from any complicacy, he added.

He called upon the attention of all the men to be supportive and extend maximum cooperation and selfless support for a woman to have a safe motherhood all throughout.
Lukhoi lauded the team of CHC, Wangoi, ASHA workers and Anganwadi workers for their dedication and selfless services for all specially pregnant and lactating mothers.

As part of the observance ANC check-up for pregnant women, exercise for ANC, quiz competition, gestational mellitus diabetics screening for pregnant women, PMMVY enrolment, amongst others were also conducted.

India is one of the most high-risk places in the world to give birth, accounting for 15 per cent of total maternal deaths worldwide. Every year, 44,000 women die in India due to improper care during pregnancy. This alarming data required immediate attention. So, the Government of India declared April 11 as the National Safe Motherhood Day in 2003 to create awareness about women’s safety and ensure the right to live life for them under any condition, including safe childbirth and pregnancy, an official statement said.

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