Najma, Biren, ministers greet Manipur people on Khongjom Day

Imphal: Manipur governor Najma Heptulla, chief minister N. Biren Singh and ministers showered greeting on the occasion of Khongjom Day, which is celebrated every year on April 23.

“This day celebrates the indomitable courage and spirit of patriotism the Manipuris displayed in the Anglo-Manipuri War, 1891. A handful of Manipuri soldiers fought against the mighty British Empire and laid down their lives for the love of their motherland. Khongjom Day also reminds us of the historical fact that the British rule was brought upon us by the disunity and enmity among the Manipuri Princes who yearned for the throne. It is a lesson to us all that foreign powers tend to intervene in the sovereignty of a country whenever its people are disunited and disorganized,” Heptulla said in her greetings.

“I appeal to one and all, irrespective of caste, creed or religion to reaffirm our pledge to preserve and protect the sovereignty and integrity of our country,” she added.

On this day in 1891, valiant Manipuri soldiers led by Paona Brajabashi fought a fierce battle with British forces at the southern fringe of Manipur valley at Khongjom. Paona Brajabashi and hundreds of his brave soldiers died in the battle fighting the enemy. Enemy troops were far greater in number and superior in weaponry. Yet they faced the mighty British forces even after knowing that they would be defeated in order to save the sovereignty of their motherland. They died heroic deaths leaving a huge inspiration for the future generation, Biren said in his greetings.

“Khongjom Day not only reminds us of their fearless and courageous deeds but also rekindles a strong sense of patriotism inspiring us to rededicate ourselves for a new Manipur. On this auspicious and solemn occasion, let us pay homage to our fallen heroes,” he added.
Agriculture minister O. Lukhoi and works minister Th. Biswajit also extended greeting to the people on the eve of the historic occasion.

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