MPCC exposes ‘hypocrisy in War on Drugs’

Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has raised several question following the public statement made by BJP MLA and deputy chairman of Manipur State Planning Board L. Rameshwar that ‘absence of sincerity of some Ministers, MLAs and police officers in fighting against drugs crime in Manipur’.

BJP MLA’s sincere revelations of the truth about the ongoing failure of the war against drugs by the unnamed BJP led coalition government in Manipur, needs to be seriously looked into. His sincere revelations are worthy to be appreciated, Manipur PCC spokesperson Ningombam Bupenda Meitei said in a press conference held at Rishang Keishing Media, Centre Congress Bhawan, here on Tuesday.

He exposed ‘the hypocrisy of the BJP government in its fight against drugs crime in the state’.

The Congress party, in Manipur, wants to know who are the ministers, MLAs and police officers who are involved in drugs crimes, the spokesperson said.
No sitting Congress MLAs are involved and no former Congress ministers were involved in any drugs crime, the MPCC said.

In previous Congress governments, to remove public doubt the then Cabinet recommended to transfer drugs case involving the then chief minister’s relative to CBI.

The present BJP led coalition government in Manipur has organised 4 years of citizen-centric governance. Drugs menace and crimes have been destroying and going to erase the future of our people and youths, both in hills and valley, of the state.

“Is it a citizen-centric governance when the BJP government has not transferred a single of drugs crime to CBI in the last 4 years?” Bupenda questioned.
He asked, why the BJP government is not transferring all drugs crime cases to CBI or NIA to dispel the doubts of the people, in case of drugs terror crimes?

Why is BJP government following a discriminatory policy of cherry picking for appeals against drugs crime cases, already adjudicated by lower courts, to High Court in some cases while not going for appeal in high profile drugs crime cases in the High Court? Why is BJP government neither going for appeal against the acquittal of Zou case by NDPS Special Court to High Court nor transferring the related drugs crime case to CBI so far? The Congress committee asked.

To save the future of the youths of hills and valley, and the existential future of the people of Manipur, the BJP government must transfer all drugs related crime cases to CBI and go for appeals against all acquittal drugs cases by the lower courts to the higher court as soon as possible in a specific time frame, Bupenda said.

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